“There has to be a risk of failure”: interview with the Pajama Men

I interviewed the Pajama Men. Full interview now up on WOW 24/7.


Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Tam O’Shanter

The Red Curtain is not a native Scot, so unfortunately has to plead unfamiliarity with the Robbie Burns poem Tam O’Shanter, purportedly a piece of text most good Scottish children (that’s a we’en, apparently) will have drilled into them at school. But there’s no matter: the new production of Tam O’Shanter, from theatre group Communicado, is as warm and intriguing an introduction to the Rabelaisian excesses of Burns’ epic as one could hope for. Continue reading

Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Coalition: A New Play

Coalition Image

The realm of British Political Satire is dominated by the shadows cast by two brilliant, scathing comic Leviathans: whip-smart 1980s sitcom Yes (Prime) Minister and, more recently, Armando Iannuci’s scabrous beast The Thick of ItWith those two shows setting the standard so very, very high, it is especially impressive that Coalitionnew satirical play from writing team Robert Khan and Tom Kalinsky, manages to assert both its own identity and, indeed, pride of place, in the British Political Satire kingdom. Continue reading